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[$9.34 (45% Off)] Trump – The Art of the Deal


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The Art of The Deal (1987) is a business book written by Donald J Trump aka the 2016 Republican Nominee for President of the United States. This book was what initially put Donald Trump in the public eye as it was a massive success during its time, reaching The New York Times best seller list #1 position and staying on that list for a total of 48 weeks. This book is regarded as one of the best selling Business books on the market and is filled with reflections and advice from business experiences Trump had dealt with and learned from – and despite being a business book it is not very difficult to get into or read. No matter what your opinion on Donald Trump may be there is definitely something you can learn from a man who has built massive businesses, handled billions of dollars, and is now the 45th president of the United States, and the first person in this country to become president with 0 prior political experience.