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Are you searching for the latest selling products of the moment? Check out the top 5 items which are currently the top ranked on Amazons best seller list. Being the biggest online seller in the world, Amazon’s top online when it comes to any electronic commerce. Amazons also a global market with infinite supply, with the luxary of online shopping it is a great place to check for any latest product. This is the list of top 5, a best-selling item on Amazons ranging from video games, books, toys, cameras, and clothing.

1. PlayStation Store Gift Card – PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]


The unique entertainment gift card, Download the latest games and attachment, watch movies, listen to music, and more. PlayStation video is the ultimate source of the biggest movie blockbusters and independent access. Right from the latest version of the classic film and television all to time. Buying or renting a large selection of movies and TV shows on the PlayStation and enjoy watching the other compatible devices. Many just released (and even in theater) movies are now at this moment available to rent for 48 hours or more. PlayStation and Spotify have also teamed up to provide the best consumer experience streaming music to our customers who are lovers of games and entertainment. Spotify is now available on PlayStation music, and you can enjoy Spotify on your PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation 3 system, and a mobile phone Xperia *

2. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkings


The first novel by Paula Hawkins “The Girl on the Train” is practically designed for blockbuster success. A twisted story that drew early comparisons with the novel “Girl Gone” by Gillian Flynn, and skillfully used the desire for more story, and focused on the so-called “unwanted characters.” The thriller takes place in different compelling ways – Working on both timeline and narrating with ease and intelligence – but its basic plot is based on an alcoholic Rachel Watson after she discovers that the woman who she sees every morning and evening on her commute to and from London is missing. It’s difficult to say too much more about the plot of The Girl on the Train without giving it away; Like all thrillers. This is Hawkins’ first thriller and a massive hit – she is a journalist by profession and the book reflects this being very orderly paced, from its exciting beginning to its suspenseful ending.

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera


Latest compact Instax Mini 8 colors models, retains the ease of use and attractive design elements of existing Instax mini-series – while at the same time offering new features and improvements. You will immediately notice a slimmer and lighter body since Instax Mini 8 is approximately 10% smaller than the Mini 7S in size. This makes it even easier for consumers to carry around Instax camera anywhere they may go. New Instax Mini 8 provides automatic metering as well. The camera shows the recommended setting for flashing and the user can manually adjust the knob to open the recommended settings. This feature allows the user to capture the perfect picture every time. The new high-key mode is available in the Instax Mini 8 camera. This mode allows users to capture better images with perfect smooth look for portraits. The screen has also been improved for better visualization reserves. Framing shots becomes easier for the user, and also clearer and better visibility. Instax Mini 8 automatically determines the best light to take a picture and tells you the appropriate setting when you turn on the appropriate lamp. Turn the knob to adjust the brightness to the position (mark) lights.

4. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit


Easy ways to create electronic works. With Snap Circuits Jr. (SC-100)  which comes with more than 30,101 different components to create electronic projects. The pieces, which include cables, snap, slide switches, an alarm circuit, integrated music circuit, a speaker, and even more fits easily into an attached plastic grate – with everything prebuilt and no soldering required. Each piece is numbered and color-coded to make them easy to identify. These components snap-together on lego-like boards to create circuit boards, like those in television, radio, and other electronic devices. With easy to follow instructions, children can enjoy the electronic circuits with early juniors Electronics Projects training kit. It is a perfect blend of entertainment and education that will provide hours of entertainment. Children can start with the basics and complete more than 100 projects guided from an included book (using the parts included) that includes a water sensor, AM radio, sound controlled switch, touch-controlled lamp, flashlight, and seal. The whole process is very simple thanks to the colorful pictures in the manual. This product is best suited for children ages 8 and up.

5. Scarecrow Small Realistic Deluxe Custom Fangs Box.


Looking for a more suitable look of teeth? Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs are designed for smaller teeth and can be in accordance with incisors canines or lower teeth. It’s Fast, easy, pleasant and very real! The natural color of teeth caps is light, rigid and well designed to look good in the whole mouth. All you need is included in the skull of the hand-carved luxury box to adjust their fangs for teeth, quickly and easily in the field. No additional tools are required and no hot water. A personalized way with dental materials specially formulated, canines corresponds exactly with one mold teeth from the inside, which allows you to get on and off quickly and easily. The molding material is formed on the cover around the teeth or hip of the adjacent gums. So, there is no partial place limiting their reality. The process of adjustment only has to be done once, after the unique test of mold you are able to use it for years. Use the guard case to store the fangs whenever you’re not using them. Not only are Scarecrow vampire fangs an easy fit and carry, but they also allow the most comfortable and provide natural speech, ideal for actors and singers. The scarecrow gets the most realistic film quality HDTV on make-up artists, actors, and performers used by professional. As seen on TV, and others … It is available for age 14 and up.

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