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[$10.99 (69% Off)] Laptop 2 Fan Cooling Pad

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If you have a Laptop that overheats or gets really hot during use than a cooling pad is exactly what you need. This pad sits beneath your laptop and requires 1 USB slot to run – while the laptop is running and the cooling pad is plugged in 2 fans will constantly spin removing the majority of the heat from your laptop which will keep it cool and running in its prime state. If you have a laptop that is overheating it is most likely because you have a broken fan, and this pad essentially just adds 2 more fans onto your laptop. The pad itself is about as thick as a dinner tray and has pegs at the end that can be used to tilt your laptop up or down while its on a solid surface. This pad is also on a 72% discount for $9.99 currently which is a great price for all this product offers.

Alternatively if you have a bigger laptop you may be interested in this 6 fan cooling pad by the same company which is $16.99 currently 72% off.