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[$18.99 (53% Off)] Netgear Wifi Range Extender

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Tired of having slow wifi speed in parts of your house that are far away from the router? Or perhaps you want to run an Ethernet cord to the back of your house from your router room without buying a 100 foot cable – either or this product can vastly and easily increase your wifi coverage and speed in the weaker areas of your house. This product is simple, it plugs into a wall socket and once synced to your Wifi connection simply extends it as a separate connection – meaning you can have 5 bars in a portion of your house where you’d normally have 1.

This extender works with any brand of Wifi router while being very small and simple to setup and use. It has 2 antennas and a single Ethernet port that lets allows you to run a cord from the extender to any non-Wifi hard-wired device you may have, no matter where it is (it can be used as both a Wifi extender and an Ethernet hardwire at the same time). Many people are unaware that these things exists but they do and they work wonders, however they make take some trial and error to find the best place to put it. Generally you want the extender to be at a half-way point where it will receive at least 3 bars of Wifi, and then from there it’ll broadcast those 3 bars as a separate 5 bar connection in a radius similar to your main router.

You can really link up your house or even property (depending on its size) using this item, and it’s a very easy-to-install zero maintenance device that is reliable and has yet to fail on me. Life is too short to waste as many precious minutes as we do waiting for 1 bar connections to load our webpages or emails, these devices work wonders and I encourage you to check them out for yourself even if this isn’t the one for you, as they can make an unbelievable difference when properly used. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.