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[$9.60 (40% Off)] The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkings


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The first novel by Paula Hawkins “The Girl on the Train” is practically designed for blockbuster success. A twisted story that drew early comparisons with the novel “Girl Gone” by Gillian Flynn, and skillfully used the desire for more story, and focused on the so-called “unwanted characters.” The thriller takes place in different compelling ways – Working on both timeline and narrating with ease and intelligence – but its basic plot is based on an alcoholic Rachel Watson after she discovers that the woman who she sees every morning and evening on her commute to and from London is missing. It’s difficult to say too much more about the plot of The Girl on the Train without giving it away; Like all thrillers. This is Hawkins’ first thriller and a massive hit – she is a journalist by profession and the book reflects this being very orderly paced, from its exciting beginning to its suspenseful ending.