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[$1.05 (31% Off)] 10 Pack of Pen Sized Stylus’s


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If you use a Tablet, Touch-screen laptop, or even just a decent sized smartphone, and you are not using a Stylus then you are missing out. Convenient and pen-sized these stylus’s are surprisingly extremely accurate, and surprisingly makes using the touchscreen portion of a tablet or laptop much more fun and smooth. Using your fingers is annoying and easy to screw up since you constantly have to move your hand while a Stylus can be held in pencil position and use all of your writing muscle memory to very accurately maneuver through tasks. You can’t go wrong with a 10 pack for only 1.5 dollars – I have yet to have one break/wear out and they are pretty hard to lose since they’re about the size of a pen and are easy to carry around on your pocket, shirt, or even keychain with the metal strap and hole at the top. If you haven’t used a stylus before I suggest trying one as you’d be surprised how quickly you can become a fan of them.