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[$59.99 (40% Off)] 3D Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Movies and Games


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This Virtual Reality Headset is my definition of a state of the art, 21st century gadget that gives you the ability to tap into the world of the ever enchanting Virtual Reality with your Android and iphone device. Made to suit both tech freaks and casual clients, the exceptional quality of these virtual reality glasses, has absolutely taken gaming and movie watching on mobile devices to a whole new level.

This gadget is built to deliver 3D and 360° of explosive entertainment, but it doesn’t just end there, you can control up, down, left and right navigation on mobile 3D games and other media with your body movement. By simply moving your head in different directions, you get a 360° panoramic view; awesome, isn’t it?. A strong adjustable strap is used which makes using this VR headset a comfortable experience. It also has a very comfortable padding where the headset meets your face. This headset is extremely easy to control as well by using the simple touch pad built onto the right side in a convenient position for active use. I definitely recommend this VR headset to anyone with a smartphone – you will definitely be surprised by how far virtual reality has come.