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[$13.94 (54% Off)] Strengthsfinder 2.0 Hardcover: An Amazon Bestseller

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Have you discovered your natural strengths? I had little idea about my own, so I now hold a copy of Tom Raths book STRENGHTFINDER2.0 to see what I could discover about myself.

A lot of people face difficulties in describing their strengths. This not about your knowledge or area of specialization, but about the way you stand out in personality traits.

However, knowing our weakness becomes too easy, and that we are built up to know our weaknesses and to be determining on correcting them. Starting from our school days to our day to day activities or job, most of our times are spent trying to fix what we know know, ignoring our born natural talents.

The book covers so many interesting topics that strength the mind, and also left a few quotes to remember;

“A life spent focusing on improving our weaknesses leads to mediocrity and dissatisfaction”
“Every day should be filled, doing what one believe are their real natural gifts”
“We cannot be perfect on everything, so let stay focus”
“Spending time doing what we love best is what drives success”
Strengths Finder 2.0 is a great book which you can’t avoid to miss, and this is why it’s one of the fast and high selling products on Amazon. Quickly get one and read for your own success