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[$109.99 (35% Off)] Razer Blackwidow Chroma – Very High Quality Gaming Keyboard

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This is by far the most durable keyboard on the market, and one of the more comfortable as well. This purely mechanical keyboard has well-spaced slightly raised keys which make cool sounding clicking noises when pressed, and are also back-lit with multi-colored LED lights that can be adjusted in brightness or turned off. This keyboard will literally last you a lifetime with the only way of ever needing to replacing it is if you were to spill something on it or do something ridiculously intentional to damage it – you’ll never have to worry about wear no matter how hard you beat up this keyboard. The Chroma is Razers highest rated keyboard, and is by far the best out of the Blackwidow keyboard series. The keyboard uses 2 USB slots to function however on the right side of the keyboard there is a USB port along with a headphone and mic jack which is convenient for a headset. This keyboard can also be synced with Razer synapse (A Program for configuring Razer products) to change settings or set binds to the 5 macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. I have had this keyboard for around 4 years now and despite daily use and playing games like Starcraft that put a lot of wear on keyboards it still looks just as clean as when I first bought it. I definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who uses their computer a lot and wants a comfortable keyboard that will be with them for a long time. It also looks great with the adjustable colors that can be configured to automatically change.