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[$29.95 (30% Off)] Turtle Beach X12 Stereo Gaming Headset

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The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset is a very low priced high quality headset (currently 30% off its original price) that will show clear superior audio and microphone quality over the vast majority of headsets in its price range. This headset will clearly outshine any random $30 headset you might pickup at Best Buy or Walmart – designed for hardcore gamers this headset is very comfortable with cuffs that go over the ears and is attached to a strong durable plastic frame which unless stepped on will never break on you. The sound quality on this headset is very clear with strong bass that can be adjusted by a knob on the amplifier to really boom. One thing I personally really like about this headset is that it is really good at canceling outside noises as well, and I have noticed that using these headphones helps me concentrate on my music/game sounds a lot more – and the direction in which the sounds are coming from is a lot easier to determine with the superb surround sound setup of the X12. Probably my favorite feature of this headset though is that it automatically splits your in-game and voice chat sound into 2 different channels and you are able to separately adjust the volume of both via the knobs on the amp controller, meaning that you can always have the perfect balance of voice/game sound simply by adjusting the volumes of each. The microphone is very sturdy on this and it easily reclines and can be bent to fit your placement preference. The recording quality is very good for this price range of microphone – if you are using it to talk to friends your voice will be clear, and accurate to how you sound in person. The headset also has a mute switch on the amp control which can easily be flipped when you don’t want to be heard, and the switch glows red while its muted. The Turtle Beach x22 is overall a great starter headset for anyone looking for a low priced comfortable headset with good sound/voice quality that will last you a long time unless forcefully broken.