Top 5 Amazon Items Under $5

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1. 10 Pack of Pen Sized Tablet/Phone stylus’sstylus

An entire pack of 10 multi-colored metal Stylus’s (for touchscreens) that are approximately the size of a pen, and have surprisingly great accuracy. If you use a tablet or touchscreen laptop than this is a must-buy for you. You may think that a Stylus is unnecessary or hard to use, but after a bit of practice you will find renewed joy in accurately and quickly being able to navigate your touchscreen devices once all of the muscle memory you have from writing with pens and pencils transfers directly over to this. I have yet to have one of these break on me, and their metal clips make them easy to carry around and hard to lose. Did I mention you get 10 for under 3 dollars?

2. 14 Pack of Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are beautiful when used at night and are embedded deep in Chinese/Taiwanese culture, very often used at major events. These each last for around 12 minutes lighting the way as they climb the night sky up to around 1,000 meters (3,200~ feet). The sellers claim they use fire retardant paper which make them safe to use, however I still wouldn’t recommend using them around any big fields in the dry-season.

3 – 2 Pack of Self-use head Massagershead-massagers

Simple yet surprisingly relaxing self-apply head massagers. These tools work by holding the handles and placing it directly over your head so that the scratchers expand to surround your head and from there you just the handle around to massage your head. These are a 1-size-fits-all scratchers that surprisingly don’t stretch out even after heavy use. These are easily the cheapest and most effective massage products you can buy, with a 2 pack costing under 2 dollars and being very durable for their price. No matter who you are I guarantee you that you would find having your head scratched/massaged relaxing, and with this tool you can cheaply massage your own head whenever you want.

4 – “Poop Face” Stuffed Pillow Plush
Poop emojiOne of the better known icons of the internet, the “Poop Face” emoji is one of the most widely used non-smiley emoticons and it became popular on Snapchat and other social media platforms. This is an exact pillow replica (called Plush’s) of the emoji which measures over a foot in lengths, and 10.6 inches in width, it can be purchased for $4.13 and comes with free shipping.

5 – USA Pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence
A small yet very informative book that consists of the most important and valued documents in United States history. The entire basis of our government is defined by the information in this book, and even if you aren’t studying law or history it’s an interesting thing to have and refer too. This book alone is very small and purposely designed to be able to fit in your pocket, although if you’re like me it’ll probably just sit on your nightstand.