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Step-by-Step Guide to easily get 2 Audiobooks for Free

If you love to read but don’t have the time to sit down and commit to a book then you may want to try Audiobooks, which are great to listen too while doing your standard autopilot everyday tasks such as driving or working. Audiobooks require probably around half of your focus to “take in”, as opposed to a standard books taking full focus, and studies claim that listening to a book is just as beneficial to the brain as reading one. The biggest Audiobook platform is currently Audible by Amazon which has over 280,000 audiobooks in their book store – 2 of which you can claim for free by using their free-sample promotion (steps below).

This promotion can be used once per Amazon account and this promotion it includes 2 free Audiobooks of any price from their store as well as a smooth client+mobile app to stream them from.

DISCLAIMER: You will need a credit or debit card to sign up for the free-trial the promotion is attached too, however you will not be charged a penny as long as you cancel your Account subscription within the 30 day free trial.

Step 1: Click through to the Promotion and navigate to “Confirm Your Free Trial”
Step 2: Sign into your Amazon account and then complete the brief Free-Trial registration form, this will require a credit card
Step 3: Once your free-trial is registered your Amazon account should now have 2 Audible credits, you can use them to redeem any book at their Audiobook store, which has over 280,000 available titles.
Step 4: Find out which 2 Audiobooks you would like to claim and then use up your tokens, and remember, you have 30 days to use your tokens before you cancel (unless you decide to stay and pay for the service) so don’t feel rushed. Once you have chosen download their Audible client or phone app (both free and pretty smooth programs) once you have chosen your books you can easily download them to the client/app and stream them at any time without internet/phone service.

NOTE: Even after cancelling your 2 claimed Audiobooks and access to their app and client are YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER. If you enjoy this service I recommend not cancelling as it offers many benefits to Audiobook listeners such as monthly free tokens and a flat 30% discount on all Audiobooks in their store.

Once you have redeemed your credits (make sure you do this before you cancel otherwise they’ll disappear) you can cancel at any time with a single button press by following these steps:
Step 1: Go to the official Audible website and Navigate to the top right corner where you should see “Hi, [Name!]” – Click the carrot and on the dropdown menu click “Account Details”
Step 2: From “Account Details” click on “Cancel my Membership” and select your reason for canceling, it will then tell you your membership has been canceled and that you’re no longer subscribed.

Done – you will not be charged and you get to enjoy the 2 free Audiobooks you picked out forever. If you get stuck/have any questions regarding this feel free to PM me and I’ll try to help you out.

Happy listening!